The drop-in device improves security – in case of burglary attacker can not take away the key from the operator simply because the operator does not have it.

  • The body and doors are made from 4 mm thickness steel.
  • Different colors and handle types are available.
  • Standard packaging – paper and cardboard. Other packaging options available.
  • Standard lock is Wittkopp Cawi, but different lock can be installed (key lock, electonic code lock, mechanical code lock) as well as additional lock.
  • Four anchoring spots in the bottom of the safe (additional holes in the back of the safe are available).
Model Height, mm Widht, mm Depth, mm Weight, kg Volume, l
DR59 670 400 350 28 32
SC49w 490 360 400 56
SC60WDD-3 760 540 400 100
DR48 480 320 320 42